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OG WhatsApp Download the Latest Version for Android

Download OGWhatsApp APK Latest Version 2024 Anti-Ban. You Can Use it without Any Temporary Ban issue. Enjoy the Latest OG WhatsApp OFFICIAL With Extra Features.

Latest Version 17.70 | Size 76.32 MB

OG WhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version 2024 – [Anti Ban]

WhatsApp is the most popular and fast-growing application worldwide, with over 2 billion active users. We can not explain the official WhatsApp because it has almost 500 million active users every month. I believe WhatsApp is the first App that we install when we get a new cellphone. It is the most usable messaging App with helpful but limited features. If we talk about the OGWhatsApp Pro, it is the customized version of an official WhatsApp. It is a safe and secure version that comes with amazing features.

If you want to use WhatsApp with outstanding features then you should try OGWhatsApp Pro which is completely free. And it has more privacy options so you can restrict your status and profile Picture and Chat with others.

Furthermore, it is created by third-party developers and can’t be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Here are some of the beneficial features of this modified version such as Anti Ban, anti-message scheduling, Media Sharing, Advanced Emojis and Stickers, Dual WhatsApp Accounts, Anti Delete Messages, Extended status length, Customized themes, Password-protected Settings, Strong privacy protection, and ability to delete previously sent messages.

of the beneficial features of this application such as Anti Ban, Message Scheduling, Media Sharing, Advanced Emojis and Stickers, Dual WhatsApp Accounts, Anti Delete Messages, Extended status length, Customized themes, Password protected Settings, Strong privacy protection, and the ability to delete previously sent messages.

What is OGWhatsApp Pro APK 2024?

This app has similarities to GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp. And it works exactly like the official WhatsApp, which was released in the market in 2012. OGWhatsApp gained popularity rapidly and has been downloaded and installed by millions of users who are impressed by the fantastic features of this customized version. Since the creation of OGWhatsApp, the developers have promised to keep adding new features to WhatsApp to meet the needs of users who have been limited by it. He succeeds, and this application gives its users a simple, helpful, and secure communication service.

Why Use OGWhatsApp Pro?

Yes, this is an excellent question that we ask ourselves. Why do we use OG WhatsApp Pro when there is an official version available? OG WhatsApp Pro is a great app because it offers amazing features that are not available in the official WhatsApp. Also, there are no additional fees associated with it and the best part is that you don’t need to uninstall your current WhatsApp to Install OG WhatsApp Pro. It doesn’t require root access to install on your device! With its stunning features, OG WhatsApp Pro APK is the best way to stay in touch with your friends.

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Comparison of OGWhatsAPP Pro VS WhatsApp

Let’s take a look at OGWhatsApp and the official WhatsApp. They have different things to offer. We’ll see what makes OG WhatsApp Pro special!

FeaturesOGWhatsApp ProOfficial WhatsApp
File Sharing Limit1 GB15 MB
Forward LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Status Character LengthMaximum 255Maximum 139
Airplane ModeCheck MarkCross Mark
Translate Message InstantlyCheck MarkCross Mark
Built-in LockCheck MarkCross Mark
Hide Chat StatusCheck MarkCross Mark
Icon CustomizationCheck MarkCross Mark
Anti-Delete StoriesCheck MarkCross Mark
Customize ThemesCheck MarkCross Mark
Security LockCheck MarkCross Mark
Status DownloadCheck MarkCross Mark
Freeze Last SeenCheck MarkCross Mark
Auto-ReplyCheck MarkCross Mark
Anti-Delete Status/MessagesCheck MarkCross Mark
Hide Online StatusCheck MarkCross Mark
Hide Blue TicksCheck MarkCross Mark
Make Own StickersCheck MarkCross Mark
Change Chat BackgroundsCheck MarkCross Mark
Hide Media from GalleryCheck MarkCross Mark
Listen to Audios Before SendingCheck MarkCross Mark
Call RestrictionCheck MarkCross Mark
Share High-Quality PhotosCheck MarkCross Mark
Backup to Google DriveCheck MarkCross Mark

Download OG WhatsApp APK:

App NameOG WhatsApp Pro
DeveloperAlex Mods
UpdatedMarch 22, 2024
Google Play StoreGoogle Play Store
App Size76.32 MB

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Main Features

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and useful features in the latest version of OGWhatsApp.

Anti Ban

You are not concerned about being banned! This problem has been fixed in the most recent version of OG WhatsApp Pro. You can use Safe & Secure and enjoy its amazing features.

Hide Online Status/Freeze Last Seen

When using WhatsApp, you can use this option to hide your online status from others. When someone opens your conversation, your current status will be hidden.


If you’re tired of using the same theme in the official WhatsApp, you can download OG WhatsApp, which has 1000 themes to choose from.


OG WhatsApp Pro allows you to make your conversations more interesting by introducing new features such as emojis. This feature includes a wide range of emojis to help you express yourself.


Another outstanding feature of this fantastic app is its unlimited wallpapers. Everyone enjoys having unique wallpapers, and this feature will help you to set your chat screen with stunning backgrounds.

Downloading Status

You can use this feature to download the status of your colleagues and relatives. Say goodbye to additional apps for downloading status.

Hide Online Status

Hide status is one of the most recent private features added to OG WhatsApp Pro. You can update or change your status using OG WhatsApp Pro APK. Simply go to Settings Privacy to control who can see your online activity.

Dual Accounts:

One interesting feature of OG WhatsApp is the ability to create a dual account. However, you are not permitted to use multiple accounts on different phones. However, using this customized version with the official WhatsApp account, you can make video and voice calls on your Android device.

Broadcast up to 1024 Contacts

This feature allows you to send messages to 1,000 or more contacts at the same time. The official WhatsApp, on the other hand, only allows you to send messages to 256 contacts. WhatsApp Plus’s latest version includes this time-saving ability.

Choose who can call you

There is a unique feature that allows you to manage who can call you on WhatsApp. Those who are not on that list will not be able to call you.

Always Online

This feature is opposite to the previous one. It can help you maintain your “Always online” status whether you use WhatsApp or not.

Password Protected

Users have been looking for a trustworthy app locker on the Play Store that displays distracting advertisements on the lock screen. This could easily drive you insane. As a result, the option to set a password for a specific conversation is an important feature of OG WhatsApp Pro.

Hide Contact Names

Another useful feature of WhatsApp Plus is the ability to hide a contact’s name while communicating with them. This option will delete your contact name from the top bar and replace it with a blank space.

Calling Unsaved Numbers

If you need to send messages to a contact or call him to have a conversation, you must save his phone number in the official WhatsApp. However, the OG WhatsApp download’s latest version allows you to text or call someone without adding their phone number to your contact list.

How to Download and Install OG WhatsApp APK 2024?

To install this WhatsApp GB APK, follow these steps:

  • Look for reputable websites that offer the APK. To avoid downloading malware, be sure the source is trustworthy.
  • Go to Settings > Security or Privacy settings on your smartphone and activate the ability to install apps from unknown sources.
  • Tap on the downloaded APK file using your device’s file manager. Confirm your action to begin the installation procedure.
  • The application may request specific permissions during installation. Examine them and grant the appropriate permissions.
  • Open the APK, enter your phone number, and proceed with the verification process as you would with official WhatsApp.
  • If prompted, restore your chats from a backup if one is available.

OG WhatsApp For iPhone

Regrettably, OG WhatsApp comes as an APK, which means it’s made specifically for Android phones and it won’t work on iOS. That makes it not work on other types of phones or devices. However, the good news is, that it works well with many different Android devices, no matter what version they’re running or how fancy they are. This cool app doesn’t need you to do anything fancy like rooting your phone or risking its security.

You won’t find OGWhatsApp on the Google Play Store because it doesn’t follow Google’s rules. But don’t worry about that. You can still get OG WhatsApp without any problems. Even though OG WhatsApp is a modified version and shares servers with WhatsApp, it can’t be on the Google Play Store. But relax, it’s a safe way to chat every day without any worries.

OG WhatsApp For PC

Unfortunately, this app cannot be used on a PC. Because it requires the .exe extension, and the developers made this app only for Android devices. Still, if you want to use this app on your computer, I’ll show you how. Using this method, you can easily install OG Whatsapp on your computer and enjoy all of its features. You will require an Android emulator for PC. Of course, it is completely free PC software that can provide you with a mobile experience on your PC.
This emulator will assist you to the best of its ability by embedding an OGWhatsApp Pro experience on your PC, complete with all of the exact features and interface.

To download OG WhatsApp on your PC, simply follow these steps:

  • As I mentioned before, you need an Android emulator. Click here to download the latest version of Bluestacks emulator for your PC.
  • After downloading the Bluestacks.exe file, right-click it and run it as an administrator.
  • You should now see a BlueStacks window open with the option to Install Now. Click it as soon as possible!
  • BlueStacks will now begin downloading all of the necessary resource files to function as an Android emulator. Wait for the downloading process to complete.
  • After the download is complete, the BlueStacks app will be restarted with a perfect Android interface similar to what you see on your smartphone.
  • Now, search and install Google Chrome on BlueStack Emulator.
  • Run the Chrome app in the BlueStacks window and copy the web link.
  • Now, go to the website’s download section, where you’ll find a link that will take you to the official OGWhatsApp download page. Get the app package as soon as possible.
  • After downloading it, you’ll be prompted by the installation window, just like you would on an Android smartphone.
  • Click the Install button and wait a few moments for the success message to appear before opening OG WhatsApp.

How to Update OG WhatsApp?

To update the APK, follow these steps:

  • Check for updates to the APK from reputable sources regularly. Look for updated versions with bug fixes and additional features.
  • Download the APK file to your smartphone once you’ve found an updated version from a trusted source.
  • It is recommended that you back up your chats before updating to avoid data loss during the process. This can be done through the settings in OG WhatsApp.
  • Using your device’s file manager, navigate to the downloaded APK file and press on it. To start the installation procedure, confirm your action.
  • The app may ask for permission during installation. Examine them and grant the appropriate permissions.
  • Open the latest version of WhatsApp, authenticate your phone number, and proceed as you would with the official application.
  • If prompted, restore your chats from the earlier backup.


Find answers to common questions about installing and using this App

What is OG WhatsApp Pro APK?

OG WhatsApp Pro is a customized version of Official WhatsApp with exciting features that are not included in the official WhatsApp.

Is OGWhatsApp APK Safe or not?

Caution is advised due to security risks associated with customized apps. OGWhatsApp Pro is safe to use. It does not contain any malicious code or virus. It is 100% safe and secure to use.

Is OG WhatsApp secure or not?

Yes, OG WhatsApp is 100% secure as it incorporates numerous safety features, such as End-to-End Encryption, App Lock, Anti-Ban, Custom Privacy Settings, and Message Scheduler. I have been using this app for six months and have found it reliable and secure.

Do I need to root my phone for this app?

No need! You don’t have to root your device.

If I want to back up, can I retrieve the backup data?

Yes, you can easily retrieve the backup of your WhatsApp data.

Can I use OG WhatsApp and official WhatsApp on the same device?

Yes, you can use both on the same device with different phone numbers.

Can I transfer all of my WhatsApp data to OG WhatsApp?

Yes, you can migrate from official WhatsApp to OG WhatsApp Pro. There is an option to copy all the data.

Can we use OGWhatsApp for business purposes?

Yes, but the store option will not be available.

How can I update OGWhatsApp Pro APK?

To update OGWhatsApp Pro APK, simply visit and download the latest version from the website.

Will my number get banned by using OGWhatsApp?

No, that was an old bug. Right now, OGWhatsApp is 100% safe, and WhatsApp terms and services apply.

Can I download WhatsApp status directly?

Yes, you can directly download anyone’s status using OGWhatsApp.

How many WhatsApp accounts can I use on a single device?

You can use more than 50+ WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

Final Words

The OG Whatsapp Pro stands out as a popular variant of the Official Whatsapp, with millions of users. This APK includes several advanced and cutting-edge features not found in the standard version. Indeed, OGWhatsApp APK allows you to hide your last seen status, customize themes, and much more. Comparable to GBWhatsapp, this user-friendly messaging app provides a cost-effective and efficient way to stay in touch with friends and family. In essence, it serves as the simplest way to establish connections across geographical boundaries.

For the latest updates on this app, make sure to check back on this website regularly!


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