Download And Install GBInstagram Latest Version For Android

GBInstagram is like a special edition of Instagram, but not made by the same people. It comes with cool stuff you won’t find in regular Instagram. With GBInsta, you can download photos, videos, and stories from Instagram. Plus, you can use two Instagram accounts on one device! But that’s not all. GB Instagram has some amazing features. For example, it shows you who’s following you right when you open their profile. Also, if you want to see a bigger picture of someone, just hold down on their profile picture and you’ll see the whole thing. It’s pretty neat!

GBInstagram has another cool feature: auto-start videos. That means you don’t need to click on a video for it to start playing. Also, in the official Instagram app, you can’t easily share links to other social media apps. But with GB Instagram, sharing URLs is a breeze. You can copy as many URLs as you like and share them wherever you want. It’s really handy!

The Instagram Plus Apk offers a range of new languages to help users communicate more easily, a feature not found in the official Instagram app. With this app, you can even download pictures and images from stories without any trouble. It boasts a variety of unique features such as the ability to use two Instagram accounts, download photos, stories, and videos, use Facebook login, see who’s following you, share URLs, view full profile pictures, choose your preferred language, customize the video player, and copy bios.

How to Install GBInstagram on your device?

Installing GBInstagram is super easy, like a piece of cake! But here’s the catch: you’ll need to say goodbye to the official Instagram app first. Don’t worry, though, it’s a simple trade-off.

Here’s a simple guide to installing GBInstagram on your device. First, remove the official Instagram app from your device. Just go to Settings, then Apps, find Instagram and hit Uninstall. Once that’s done, download the GBInstagram APK onto your device and install the app. It only takes a few minutes. After installation, open the app.

To get everything working smoothly, you’ll need to sign in. Either log in to your existing Instagram account or create a new one if you don’t have it. Just click on the sign-in or sign-up option.

And voilà! You’ve now successfully installed GBInstagram on your device. It’s really easy to use, and the features are awesome. No need to hop between different apps to save or download Instagram pictures or videos. With GBInstagram, everything you need is right there at your fingertips. Easy peasy!

Download GBInstagram v1.60 Latest Version For Android


Version: 1.60 | Base: 71.18.102 | Size: 38MB

If you face any problems using the direct download button, please refresh the page or try using the mirror link.

GBInstagram Features

GB Instagram comes packed with lots of special features. What’s cool is that you can use it alongside the official Instagram app. With GBInstagram, you have full control over how things look and work. It’s like having your own personalized Instagram experience!

Two Instagram Apps: GBInstagram lets you use two Instagram accounts on one device. This is helpful for people who have both a personal and a business Instagram account.

Facebook Login: Don’t worry about losing access to Facebook! With GBInstagram, you can still log in to your Instagram account using Facebook.

Download Photos and Videos: If you want to cherish your memories forever, GBInstagram is perfect for you! With just a click, you can easily download any pictures and videos to your device.

Download Stories: Do you have a follower whose story always grabs your attention? With GBInsta, you can easily download their story to your device. Just click on the story bar on their profile, and you’ll have it saved in no time!

Follow Indicator: Ever wonder if someone you followed followed you back? With GB Instagram, you can find out with just a click! Simply visit the person’s profile, and it’ll show you if they’re following you or not. No more wondering about ghost followers!

Profile Pictures: This feature is really handy! Sometimes you want to see the full size of a profile picture without zooming in and out. With GBInstagram, you don’t have to worry about that. Just long-click on the profile picture, and you can see the whole picture without any hassle.

Video Player: GBInsta has a cool feature where videos automatically start playing with sound, so you don’t even have to click anything to watch them.

Share URL & BIO: You can easily share the URL of a comment, story, picture, or video to any app you want. Plus, you can copy the bio of any Instagram user you find interesting. It’s convenient!

Languages: Instagram Plus It supports many new languages that the Official Instagram doesn’t. This makes it easier for users to communicate with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

After covering what GBInsta is, how to install it, and its features, let’s address some frequently asked questions about GB Instagram. Here are common questions and answers to help you make the most out of the latest version:

Can I access the app through Facebook?

Yes, just like the official Instagram, you can log in with your Facebook account, though this is only on the latest version of GBInstagram.

Is GBInsta App available on IOS devices?

No, the app is not yet available for IOS devices.

Can two accounts on GBInsta be operated on a single mobile?

Yes, with GBInstagram, you are allowed to use more than one account on the same device.

Can I use both the Official Instagram and GB Instagram on my device?

Yes, you can.

Does GBInsta give access to pictures and video downloads?

Yes, it does, it is one of it is major features.

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