Download Aero WhatsApp APK (v10.02) Latest Version May 2024

Aero Whatsapp Apk

If you’re using the standard version of WhatsApp and are feeling bored with its basic features, you might want to give Aero WhatsApp APK a try. Aero WhatsApp stands out as one of the top alternatives to the regular version, offering unique and premium features. In this article, we’ll provide all the essential details about this app. You can conveniently download and use the Aero WhatsApp APK from this website. Before proceeding with the download, I suggest reading this article in its entirety and not skipping any crucial information.

AERO Whatsapp APK Latest Version For Android

Download the Updated Version of Aero WhatsApp 2024. It’s well-known for how well it works, its themes, its look, and how easy it is to use.

Version: 10.02 | Size: 78 MB

What is Aero WhatsApp APK?

Aero WhatsApp, also known as WA Aero, is another well-designed modified version of WhatsApp developed by Bozkurt Hazarr. It is renowned for offering thousands of beautiful themes, high performance, enhanced security, user-friendly appearance, improved privacy settings, and other UI/UX changes compared to other WhatsApp mods.

WhatsApp Aero, with its appealing design, offers numerous privacy features, including Freeze Last Seen, Hide Blue Tick, Hide Online Status, Double Tick Beautiful Customizations, an Optimized User Interface, and an AMOLED Look. For those seeking an improved WhatsApp experience, WhatsApp Aero is a must-try. It excels in everything – from cool features and privacy to themes, making it the ideal choice for an enjoyable and secure chat experience.

Is it safe to use the Aero WhatsApp APK?

People often wonder about the safety of using Aero WhatsApp APK. Let’s clear this up. Aero WhatsApp is simply a modified version of the regular WhatsApp we use in our daily lives. It comes with additional features and customizations, but it won’t interfere with essential functions like sending messages and files. Its purpose is to enhance the user experience by making things look cooler and more user-friendly. Therefore, Aero WhatsApp APK is considered safe for use. However, it’s crucial to download it from a trusted source, such as

Aero WhatsApp APK Details & Info

App NameAero WhatsApp APK
DeveloperBozkurt Hazarr
Updated1 hour ago
Google Play StoreGoogle Play Store
App Size87.64 MB
Aero WhatsApp APK Download

If you face any problems using the direct download button, please refresh the page or try using the mirror link.

Key Features of Aero WhatsApp APK

  • Lots of Privacy Features including Freeze Last Seen, Hide Blue Tick, Hide Online Status, Double Tick
  • Beautiful Customizations with Hundreds of prebuilt Themes & Options
  • Optimized User Interface and AMOLED Look
  • Anti-Ban
  • Faster Performance & Ad-Free
  • Send HD Photos (up to 4K) & Videos (up to 1 GB)
  • Backup & Restore Your Chats via Google Drive
  • Message Scheduler & Inbuilt Lock
  • Faster performance than ever
  • Aero Themes Store
  • All YoWhatsApp Themes included
  • Beautiful User Interface and look
  • Customizable home screen
  • Other features include all features of Fouad Mods

All Details of Aero WhatsApp APK features

In this guide, we’ve covered everything you need to know about WhatsApp Aero APK. So, kick back, relax, and explore these cool new features.

Faster performance in WhatsApp Aero

Did you hear? WhatsApp Aero is the quickest WhatsApp upgrade ever! It doesn’t have glitches and works faster, making chatting, loading features, and customizing easier. This speed boost is thanks to the latest tech used in creating WhatsApp Aero APK. Give it a go and join the cool world of new WhatsApp upgrades!

Aero WhatsApp Theme Store

In Aero WhatsApp, we have a special theme store with thousands of beautiful themes just for you. We unlocked them all, so now you can enjoy the best themes and have a great WhatsApp experience.

Go beyond the limitation

WhatsApp has some restrictions. If you’ve used it, you know it limits sharing media files like photos and videos. But, no need to worry! We have a solution. Just use the Aero WhatsApp app. It solves all these problems. With this app, you can share unlimited media files, photos, videos, and more. Just download Aero WhatsApp on your device now.

Freeze Last Seen

Concerned about your last seen time on WhatsApp? Aero WhatsApp APK has a solution! You can now freeze your last seen and set it to a previous time. No one will know if you are online or not. Aero WhatsApp offers advanced privacy settings, such as blue tick settings and disappearing messages. To find out more, download the Aero WhatsApp APK.

In Build App Lock

There are many app locks out there, but the reality is, that most of them don’t work well. WhatsApp is something we want to keep private, so we can’t risk it. That’s why you can switch to Aero WhatsApp. In Aero, you have a built-in app lock with all the features of a phone lock. It’s really good and gives you full control over WhatsApp. You can set up any kind of lock – pattern, PIN, password, or fingerprint. Just set it up the way you like.

Personalize to Your Liking

Customization is a big deal in WhatsApp mods, especially in Aero WhatsApp. You can customize everything – themes, colors, text, fonts, backgrounds, and more. Simply go to Aero WhatsApp, click on the three dots in the top left corner, then select Aero Privileges. Explore all the fantastic features and make your WhatsApp uniquely yours!

More Privacy Options

Experience the difference with Aero WhatsApp! Enjoy fantastic privacy settings and feel more secure while using Aero Whatsapp. This app offers many extra features, specifically designed to enhance your privacy and provide top-notch security while messaging. You can control who can message you, send a welcome note, hide your last seen, and more. Additionally, this version lets you choose whether to show or hide blue ticks for your messages. And that’s not all – you can set custom privacy settings for your contacts, groups, and broadcasts. Try it out now!

Custom Call Blocking

We all have that friend who calls without a reason. How can we stop it? With Aero WhatsApp apk, you can use custom blocking in the latest version. It’s like the regular block, but here’s the trick – you block them only for WhatsApp calls. The best part? Nobody will know you blocked them, not even the person blocked. When they call, it will look like it’s ringing, but you won’t pick up, and the user won’t be able to take calls and more.

Aero Widgets

Aero WhatsApp has cool widgets, adding extra fun to the app. We offer these exciting widgets for free to all users. You’ll find the Aero widgets only in the official version, so it’s a way to make sure the app is real. To check them out, click the three dots in the top left corner, go to Aero privileges, and find Aero widgets. Explore the fantastic collection in its store.

Chat Screen Customizations

Many people spend a lot of time chatting, which makes sense for a messaging app. Aero WhatsApp understands this well and offers thousands of customization features, especially for the chat screen. You can find all these settings in the Conversation screen settings. This allows you to change the entire look and settings on your chat screen.

How to Install WhatsApp Aero on Android?

To download Aero WhatsApp, Just follow these steps:

  • Look for reputable websites that offer the APK. To avoid downloading malware, be sure the source is trustworthy.
  • Go to Settings > Security or Privacy settings on your smartphone and activate the ability to install apps from “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now, locate APK which will be downloaded on storage>downloads>WhatsApp Aero APK. Tap on the install button and wait for a few seconds. If you have a good-performance device, it will be installed very fast.
  • The application may request specific permissions during installation. Examine them and grant the appropriate permissions.
  • Open the Aero WhatsApp APK, enter your phone number, and proceed with the verification process as you would with official WhatsApp.
  • If prompted, restore your chats from a backup if one is available.
Phone Settings and Enable the Unknown Sources

How to use Aero WhatsApp APK on PC?

Now, using Aero WhatsApp on your PC is easy. Just follow our simple guide, and you’ll be able to run this app smoothly on your computer.

To download this Application on your PC, simply follow these steps:

  • As I mentioned before, you need an Android emulator. Click here to download the latest version of the Bluestacks emulator for your PC.
  • After downloading the Bluestacks.exe file, right-click it and run it as an administrator.
  • You should now see a BlueStacks window open with the option to Install Now. Click it as soon as possible!
  • BlueStacks will now begin downloading all of the necessary resource files to function as an Android emulator. Wait for the downloading process to complete.
  • After the download is complete, the BlueStacks app will be restarted with a perfect Android interface similar to what you see on your smartphone.
  • Now, search and install Google Chrome on BlueStack Emulator.
  • Run the Chrome app in the BlueStacks window and copy the web link.
  • Now, go to the website’s download section, where you’ll find an Aero WhatsApp APK download page. Get the app package as soon as possible.
  • After downloading it, you’ll be prompted by the installation window, just like you would on an Android smartphone.
  • Click the Install button and wait a few moments for the success message to appear before opening this App.

Connect Aero WhatsApp APK Web

To update the Application simply follow these steps:

Linking Aero WhatsApp on your computer with a QR code is simple. Just go to the WhatsApp Aero app on your phone, find the QR code scanner, and open it. Then, on your computer, open a QR code scanner and aim it at the QR code on your phone’s App.

The computer’s QR code scanner will read the code and link to the App on your phone. Now you can use Aero WhatsApp on your computer, and everything like your chats, messages, and files will be the same on both devices.

GBWhatsApp for Web

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about installing and using this App

How can I update my Aero WhatsApp to the Latest version?

To update your WhatsApp Aero APK, visit our website for the latest version. It’s easy! We offer the latest mod APKs for WhatsApp and Instagram. Unlike other sites filled with ads, we’re against that. That’s why we made a one-tap downloading button for our APKs. Update your APK on our website quickly and save time.

Is Aero WhatsApp APK safe to use?

Yes, Aero WhatsApp is completely safe for your device. On our website, we offer anti-malware apps that are safe and don’t need a rooted device. You can trust us when it comes to mods. Download the APK now to enjoy all the fantastic features, including beautiful themes, an awesome interface, and much more.

Why I can’t find Aero WhatsApp on the Google Play store?

Apologies, but you won’t find this app on official stores because it’s not official. WhatsApp Aero is the newest mod of WhatsApp, featuring a unique and attractive interface, setting it apart from other WhatsApp mods online. Bozkurt Hazarr, a third-party developer, created it. Since it’s a modified version of official WhatsApp, it isn’t officially released on app stores. These mods are not connected to WhatsApp officials. Although using WhatsApp mods might lead to a banned account in some cases, the latest mods are making improvements to reduce that risk.


So, what’s your take on this unique Aero WhatsApp, guys? If you’re searching for a speedy, secure, and customized WhatsApp Mod with thousands of themes, this is it. Faster and better than any other WhatsApp mod, it boasts a beautiful and awesome interface. Download Aero WhatsApp now to explore these fantastic features for yourself. It’s free! If you have any suggestions or questions about our mods, feel free to comment down below. We’re here to listen and help. Have a great day, and thanks for visiting our website!


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